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Growing pains

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/09/18

Great meeting with my friends at a hospital who had trouble wrapping their heads around the new UAGA taking effect Wednesday.  On the walk over to the restaurant, I experienced a bit of pain from a flare up of costochondritis.  It seems to be getting worse, despite the amount of ibuprofen consumed.  Time, I s’pose.  One of my contacts who knows I had surgery says, in a very concerned tone “Are you having chest pain?”  I tell her no and what it was and she laughs and says “So you are having chest pain.”  *sigh*

The reason she knows I’m having chest pain is because I’m absent mindedly massage my incision when it hurts.  Not as bad as this, mind you, unless you talk to Kirby.  He will tell you otherwise and has been known to insinuate a need to spend time alone.  This is coming from a Republican vegan.  And since I don’t understand the dynamics of his belief system, I don’t give much creedence to his advice 😉

Besides, I don’t have Billy Ocean on my iPod for a soundtrack….

The chest pain convo was all settled once I explained it and we had lunch, discussed policy, then moved on. They asked if I could spend two weeks with them at their skills fair for 12 hours a day. Some part of me really thinks they’re serious. Another part thinks they don’t like me very much. Nonetheless, my personal resources are stretched, so I can provide a few hours on one day. It’s tough being popular. More accurately, having 18 hospitals.

Tonight was the Diamondbacks game. I think $20 was paid more or less as a cover charge for overpriced domestic beer and sodium/nitrate laden goodness, but what the heck. How often is this done (by me, that is)? I met some really neat recipients – one of whom is a sweet lady with three boys and 6.5 grandchildren (obviously one on the way). Talked about her first letter to her donor family and was surprised how open her donor family was with her and why we didn’t censor the letter. She thanked me (and probably Jenny) for everything I (we) do.

When you see someone living and breathing, sitting with their husband and lovingly sharing a cup frozen yogurt, it makes it worthwhile.


In the beginning…

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/09/17

…there was crap.  Tons of it.  And I was drowning in it.  Like I am at the bottom of a laundry chute at a prison and the white linens keep falling on my head.  It’s time. 

Things I’d like to do in six months (not necessarily in the order of importance – except first three):

  1. Read my bible and pray daily.
  2. Go to church Sunday am and Wednesday night with a good attitude. 
  3. Not cringe when looking at my checkbook.
  4. Fit into those clothes from nearly two years ago (i.e. lose 45#)
  5. Hike with Joel.
  6. Not have a dent in my car.
  7. Not have three boxes of papers to shred.
  8. Get up at 6am regularly.

Have to start somewhere right?