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Mystery solved

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/30

Angie and I were pondering the extreme desire of married couples to play matchmaker (particularly for those of us advancing in age).  She says very brilliantly “I know why; misery loves company”.

See why I keep her around?


Things that should have died in the fire

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/29

1.  Colored denim

2.  Skinny jeans

3.  Leggings

4.  Jelly shoes

5.  Blue nailpolish

6.  Amy Winehouses’s hair

7.  Spiked belts

8.  Green/blue/pink/purple/chartreuse hair

9.  Cartoon character t-shirts (on adults)

10. Acrylic nails long enough to resemble Fritos, especially when airbrushed.

This brought to you, in part, by Old Navy’s fall fashion line.  Trust me there will be more to come.

Quote of the week

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/26

At the hospital board meeting I attended this week, the subject of Transplant Tourism was broached indirectly.  A physician asked if organs were being transported from other countries on the black market.

Now, I can assure you from personal experience no such thing exists.  Tim, our CEO, and I assured the physician of this as well.  However, I explained, Americans, out of sheer desperation, may travel to other countries (i.e. China) for the sole purpose of receiving an organ transplant – which is the aforementioned term “Transplant Tourism”. (more…)

The Board Room

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/24

A couple of months ago, I called an emergency director’s meeting at a new hospital in response to a family request for information about organ donation.  Their loved one was going to die unexpectedly as a result of a chronic medical condition.  We anticipated that this patient’s family was going to make a decision to donate.  (more…)

Think before you Go Pink

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/20

Breast cancer awareness month annoys me.  More accurately, it makes me angry.  Yes, this is very unpopular, but let’s check the facts to support my frustration:

  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women
  • 1 in 30 women die annually from breast cancer
  • 1 in 6 women die annually from heart disease
  • In 2004:

40,539 deaths attributed to breast cancer while,

More than 460,000 women died from heart disease

That last number represents more female lives lost due to heart disease than those claimed by all cancers, chronic lower respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and accidents combined. (more…)

Salamanders and sternotomies

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/18

My six month follow up was today.  My heart is doing so much better!  I’ve regained 15% of my ejection fraction back (meaning my heart is pumping blood out more efficiently) and my left ventricle has decreased (i.e. my heart is returning to normal size).

One of my surgeons, Dr. DeGuzman, kept saying “Wow, you look so good…what have you done?”  I said, “Well, working out 45 mins 4 days a week and getting rid of a bad relationship never hurts.”  I got a chuckle.

He looked at my incision and said he could do a revision.  I politely declined another surgical procedure.  He says “Oh, it’ll be easy!”

Yeah….I suppose anything would be easier than my valve repair though.  If only my remaining incision didn’t look like I was smuggling a salamander on my chest….

Nonetheless, I have finally received the validation I was needing from this whole ordeal.  Life’s good!

Gotta love…

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/16

…the sports bra. 

Tonight, when I finished changing clothes to head to the gym I noticed my newest piece of gym apparel not only provides ‘support’, but I sorta look like a chubby Hilary Swank in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

That’s the thought of the day. 🙂

Dude, where’s my life?

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/14

This year through chaos at work, open heart surgery, and an opressive nine-month long relationship, I had an epiphany.  The definition and meaning to my life has become circumstantial.  I am what I am enduring at that time, rather than being someone who is enduring circumstances.

The wise King Solomon couldn’t have said it better in Ecclesiastes (vs 3:12-13).”There is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil – this is the gift of God.”

This has been a heck of a year which without family and friends, I never would have survived.  Most importantly, I absolutely could not fathom what it would have been like without the comfort of God.

Ten years ago the thought of being wheeled to the OR to have a date with a sternal saw would have been terrifying.  Six months ago, it was concerning, yet I felt joyful and comforted.

Ten years ago, my desire to succeed overshadowed my relationships with family and friends.  I have one regret in life – that I never went to my brother’s basic training graduation.  While this relentless desire for perfection in my career still runs rampant, I am slowly learning balance by working a mere 40 hours a week.

Ten years ago, I had a relationship where I was willing to completely overhaul my life to please another.  Ten years later, this was still the case.  God is working on this – it’s tough.

My life is not my job, my health, or my relationships.  Since it is none of these, I’ll be spending some time finding out what my life is.

Sorta like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride…if he drove a Toyota Camry.

Back to my roots

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/14

Friday, I had a meeting with my favorite inner city donor hospital.  The tweaker who greets me upon arrival with request for money, each time with a refreshingly new story, seems to have found a different territory.  (Seriously, I think she would remember me now, particularly since I never carry cash.) 

If ever there has been a harder way to make organ donation happen, this joint has found it.  From providing atrocious critical care nursing (normothermia anyone?), to their alleged use of a 12-year-old as a translator, and a physician who will do all the tests to declare brain death, but won’t pronounce or maintain a patient.  It’s nothing short of a miracle they’ve had three donors resulting in nine additional lives saved in 7 months.

Interestingly enough, last week when my cohort and I were enjoying breakfast after an OR inservice at said hell-hole, my first gray hair was discovered.

So in addition to copious amounts of hand sanitizer as a result of increased education at this joint, I’ll now require regular hair coloring.

I need a raise.

Island of Misfit [boy]Toys

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/09

Back to the ol’ drawing board.  The proverbial drawing board of dating, that is.


Never thought I’d be here after supposedly meeting the ‘love of my life’.  Nine months to the day, Steve and I decided to part ways.  It was truly the easiest break up ever experienced.  Cried for a day, intermittently throughout the week, and now I’m pretty much ok.

The reason was this:  it wasn’t meant to be.  We are simply too different to ever live in the same house.  (Glad we figured this out BEFORE we bought one.)  Not only that, but this unavoidable, crushing, smothering feeling of entrapment was starting to weigh heavily on my heart.  Also, having a massive ninth-grade crush on a man who wasn’t my boyfriend was certainly a road flare illuminating the way to Splitsville. 

So this other guy is freaking adorable!  Blue eyes, great smile, Christian….*sigh* (I swear I act like a 14 year-old every time I see him.  Can’t speak properly, blush uncontrollably, kicked over a can of soda when I sat next to him…It’s just sad, but another blog.)

The anticipation of re-entering the dating scene brings memories flooding back about my past experiences with boys, lovingly referred to as residents of the Island of Misfit Toys.  (From the awesome claymation Rudolph cartoon CBS shows ever year)

The island is inhabited by men with flaring tempers, infidelity/commitment issues, unidentified tattoos resembling crop circles found after a night of drinking, and men who are way too old for their mother to: buy their clothes, be their roommate, and buy their groceries.  Natives to this island also exhibit gotees so ample as to compete with Scott Ian of Anthrax, think that Target is owned by the French because it is oft referred to as Tar-zhay, suffer from narcolepsy, and pine for an ex-lover who worked as a Pizza Hut delivery driver.

This pretty much sums up 12 years of dating.  Do I ever have bad taste!

From now on, the decisions will certainly not be made alone; I’ll consult with a better Advisor.