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Back to my roots

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/14

Friday, I had a meeting with my favorite inner city donor hospital.  The tweaker who greets me upon arrival with request for money, each time with a refreshingly new story, seems to have found a different territory.  (Seriously, I think she would remember me now, particularly since I never carry cash.) 

If ever there has been a harder way to make organ donation happen, this joint has found it.  From providing atrocious critical care nursing (normothermia anyone?), to their alleged use of a 12-year-old as a translator, and a physician who will do all the tests to declare brain death, but won’t pronounce or maintain a patient.  It’s nothing short of a miracle they’ve had three donors resulting in nine additional lives saved in 7 months.

Interestingly enough, last week when my cohort and I were enjoying breakfast after an OR inservice at said hell-hole, my first gray hair was discovered.

So in addition to copious amounts of hand sanitizer as a result of increased education at this joint, I’ll now require regular hair coloring.

I need a raise.


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