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Quote of the week

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/10/26

At the hospital board meeting I attended this week, the subject of Transplant Tourism was broached indirectly.  A physician asked if organs were being transported from other countries on the black market.

Now, I can assure you from personal experience no such thing exists.  Tim, our CEO, and I assured the physician of this as well.  However, I explained, Americans, out of sheer desperation, may travel to other countries (i.e. China) for the sole purpose of receiving an organ transplant – which is the aforementioned term “Transplant Tourism”.

A further explanation was provided regarding China’s plans of “cleaning up their act” due to public outrage.  Now this is not a new outcry for reform in China, but the country’s response is new – likely because they will host the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Great timing, eh?

One of the board members says, “They’ll [the organs] probably get recalled like the toys anyway”.

I love my job 🙂

On another note, since we’re talking transplant…Grey’s Anatomy *sigh*

Television and movies often attest to hiring ‘medical consultants’ to ensure correct information is being portrayed.

I’m starting to think their ‘medical consultants’ are either chiropractors, dentists, or dermatologists.



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