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Getting lost

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2007/11/26

Friday evening over dinner, a friend of mine had mentioned hiking South Mountain upon his return from an upcoming trip.  Curious, I checked things out, found a trail labeled “easy to moderate” that was under 2 miles and headed out.

I started out thinking to myself, “Hiking is only walking on rocks, this is almost overrated”.  Then the land sought revenge for my unspoken words.  As I followed Javelina trail, the inclines grew steeper, rocks grew to be larger obstacles, and my quads threatened to give way underneath me.

Easy-to-moderate.  Heh.

Suddenly the trail turns from “Javelina” to “Mormon Loop”.  This must be a mistake….  Nope!  I’m lost and without a map.  I sought help from a biker who didn’t know the trail well himself, but suspected the way out was just up ahead.  As time passed, way out was not showing itself.

Then I come upon a clearing at the top of another hill.  I check the map and struggled to ascertain my location as the obligatory “You are here” flag was nowhere to be found.  To my left, however, was a gorgeous man sitting on a bench.  Since I’m shy, I introduced myself.  😉

His name is Micah – 31 years old, 6’2″, dark hair and eyes, unshaved, and sexy beyond words.  He offers to walk me to another entrance and drive me to my car because to return the way I came would be another 4.5 miles.  Amazing looking and extremely kind.  We chatted for the 30 minute walk to his car.  He apologizes a couple of times in advance for “the smell”.

I then realize I am about to accept a ride from a stranger.  Ted Bundy was attractive and charismatic.  He wasn’t named after a minor prophet though.

We arrive at his vehicle – an older Pathfinder.  My cell is now in my right hand hoodie pocket and I am clutching my car keys in my left.  I open the door, stick my head inside.  This “smell” he’s been warning me about isn’t rotting flesh after all, just a mild eau de sweaty, sexy man.

I’m gonna make it after alllll….

He deposits me at my vehicle, flashes that amazing grin, and reaches out his right hand.  “Micah”, he says.  I place my sweaty palm in his, “Jennifer – thank you so very much!”.

I highly recommend getting lost.  Just bring hand sanitizer.

(Oh, and almost five miles of steep terrain eight months post-op is an amazing feeling!)


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  1. jenny said,

    And you didnt make a follow up appointment? I am disappointed in you. You can’t pass up opportunities like that!

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