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It’s that time of year…

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2008/04/06

April is National Donate Life Month.

But first, my employer requires the disclaimer that my inane ramblings are my beliefs and not necessarily shared by my company.  Well, except for the registration and donating part.  (I read this week in an SOP that we’re supposed to have that in our blogs.  I didn’t write it in black, indelible ink so it may get kicked back to me as noncompliant.  Details….)

Donation and transplantation is amazing, when you think about it.  Not only that, but it’s the right thing to do.

It’s interesting to broach the subject of donation with others and often people will cite religious objections, even though no major religion opposes donation (check for yourself). 

Some are fearful of not receiving proper medical care in emergent situations.  Illegal immigrants clearly don’t share this irrational fear (it’s true – visit any emergency room on a Friday or Saturday night). 

Few are concerned about open-casket funerals.  I’m, personally, confused by this one.  No one will be the wiser if you choose donation and save others.  I mean, It’s not Body Worlds.  Grieving family members aren’t taking inventory of your internal organs when you’re lying in that overpriced maple box at the wake.

If you haven’t had this conversation, suck it up and do it.  Newsflash:  You’re going to die.  I’m going to die.  We’re all going to die.  Except for Lucy Liu and Ted Williams

Over 98,000 people depend on your decision.   Join me in putting Morgan D’Organ out of a job;  make your decision to donate today!

Oh yeah…you know you want to!


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