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Memory…not alone in the limelight

Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2008/04/08

Lots of donation stuff in the news this day.  We would prefer to think it is in honor of Donate Life Month, but that’s optimistic. Unfortunately until another unwed celebrity gets knocked up or Britney Spears does something interesting, I suspect more [negative] donation stories will come to the forefront.

Lately in the media, the topic of cellular memory (the article link is new age rubbish, but you get the point).  The ineffectual, yet far-from-ugly, Jessica Alba made both cellular memory and corneal blindness sexy when her character received the gift of sight in the movie The Eye.  The formerly blind violinist now sees dead people.  Original.

The exploitation of corneal transplant as a movie plot is frustrating, at best.  But I’m confident that undergoing such a procedure is less painful than 90 or so minutes spent watching that movie.

Today brings us this gem:  The story of a heart recipient who met and married the donor’s widow.  The plot thickens when the mechanism which creates this romance, subsequently ends it as the recipient offs himself in very much the same manner as the donor.  Insinuating, again, the concept of cellular memory. Withouth discounting the pain of the widow having lost two husbands, one should examine the constant variable in the whole tragic story.

To quote a co-worker, “I wouldn’t want to be husband #3”.

I shouldn’t criticize the media for attempts to sensationalize and, under some circumstances, romanticize organ donation through this theory. Why-oh-why can’t we simply accept it for what it is? A story with a happy ending.


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