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Posted in Uncategorized by Hams on 2008/05/20

My one year follow up with my cardiac surgeon was today.  All is well and the PVC’s (a relatively benign arrythmia as far as arrythmias go) I have been experiencing are, well, benign.  Cardiac function improved.  Size remains a bit smaller than pre-op.  You see, when your heart grows it is usually a medical problem.

Clearly Dr. Seuss threw caution to the wind when he wrote “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

So in conversation, I queried about my condition (technically: subaortic stenosis with aortic regurgitation).  Apparently the condition in itself is somewhat unusual, and my presentation of this condition and when considering the extent of the repair needed…well, it would seem he doesn’t do them frequently.  The next one he is doing since April 11, 2007, is tomorrow.  Making me the only other patient who has been the recipient of said repair in the past 13 months.  It’s so infrequent he calls it “The Jennifer Procedure”.  Considering this guy does several operations a week, I find this factoid amusing.

It’s hard not to get emotional when I reflect upon what actually happened this time last year.  I mean, talk about God providing.  My surgeon has experience in pediatric heart transplant and also hates doing bypasses because “they’re boring” and prefers the challenge of fixing aortic valves versus replacing them.

However, there is such a time where success may not be celebrated.  After all, if my heart didn’t work properly, then I wouldn’t be hiking and the cities of Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler could have saved some tax dollars.

When I provided this correlation to my physician, he laughed and said “That’s twisted.  Really twisted, but I like it”.

Yeah, I do too.


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